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Make a triangle craft bag

This simple bag is a great sewing project for beginners and beyond. Perfect for notions, yarns, and more - this small bag is a great gift and fold flat for storing.

STEP 1: Cut 2 rectangles 3:1 ration + seam allowance.

7x19" is a great start (sewn size 6"x18")

STEP 2: Sew the rectangles RST (right sides together) leaving a 2" opening on one of the long sides. Clip corners (make sure to not cut stitch line)

STEP 3: Flip RSO (right side out) and push out the corners. Press.

STEP 4: Mark evenly so there are 3 squares (pinned in this example)

Squares left to right - A, B, C

STEP 5: Fold RST AtoB. Sew one edge with an edgestitch

STEP 6: Fold RST CtoB. Sew opposite edge from A

(be sure to move A out of the way so you are only sewing CtoB)

STEP 7: Flip right sides out Done!


RST - right sides together

RSO - right sides out

Mint - right sides

Purple - wrong side

Navy - stitch 

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