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SEW+SEW STUDIO is a place for sewists of all skill levels to create in a knowledgeable and unpretentious environment.


With each stitch, you will hone your skills and bring your creativity to life. Whether you're looking to mend clothing, create unique designs, or take on more challenging projects, sewing provides a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.


By learning this timeless skill, you are setting yourself up for endless possibilities and the chance to express yourself in a new way. SEW+SEW is a place to embrace this journey, have fun, and enjoy the process of turning fabric into something beautiful.


Founded by Cat Walshak, a lifelong seamstress with over two decades of experience. She has honed her skills in professional and personal sewing to a master level, including expertise in pattern making, garment construction, design, and instruction. Her past sewing lives include production sewing, film+tv costume, celebrity tailoring, and general weird project problem solver. Striving to be a true craftsperson, Cat has the ability to take a vision from concept to reality, and a passion for sewing that is evident in every stitch and every lesson.


Whether working on a personal project or teaching others, Cat brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project and inspires others with creativity and attention to detail. Her dedication to the craft has made her a respected member of the sewing community and an inspiration to those just starting  as well as continuing their journey.

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