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SEW CLUB : button up shirt patterns

A list of suggested patterns from the club and some tricks to master new techniques.

Button up shirts are a wardrobe staple in most American homes. They span generations and lifestyles, genders and classes. Who would have thought this modest top would have such a long and rich life?

"Wearing a collar in the 1500's was like wearing $10,000."

The collar you likely imagined when you hear the word "collar" dates back to 1700s Europe. Before that collars were large frilly things that acted as a status symbol, the bigger the frill the bigger the skrill. Largely thanks to Mistress Dinghen van der Plasse , a Flemish woman who, in 1564, arrived in London with a brand-new starch recipe, far superior to anything available in England at the time. The mens went wild. Collars grew rapidly. Up to 6 layers! 600 pleats! Defying gravity with every paid inch, pleat, detail.

All great bubbles burst, and the largess frill collars eventually became passe. The modern collars that we know and love grew from this obsession Europeans had with necklines in the 16th century.

Button Up Shirt Patterns

Recommendarions from the Club

Friday Pattern Co Patina Blouse

Chalk & Notch Wren Blouse

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